Perfect ADR for sunset dinner @ California Grill?

Hi All

I have a ADR for California Grill on a weekday @ 6:30pm the first week of May. Trying to catch the sunset view during dinner, which I believe is setting around 8pm.

We want to ask for a table window table when we check-in and don’t mind waiting a little for a table to free up.

Would we be better off trying an earlier reservation like 6:00pm to anticipated a wait or would 6:30pm work out? How long is the wait usually from check-in to being seated?

This will be out first day @ WDW so an earlier reservation would not be too big of a dent in our plans and also we don’t plan on sticking around at CG for HEA. We have other plans for that.

Any help we be greatly appreciated. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Following :grinning:

I suspect you’re fine. In some ways, you may have almost scheduled too early already.

I tended to spend about an hour at any ADR meal, from seating to departure. If you’re checking in at 6:30 the chance that you’ll be seated before 8 is high, and you shouldn’t have to linger too hard over your dinner. I suspect even with “waiting for a table by the window” you will be seated before 7:15.

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