Peppa Pig Theme Park coming to Legoland in 2022

DD is now 16 and way past her Peppa Pig viewing days but she told me she would love to go to the new park when it opens,

Also, Google keeps providing large amount of riches about Peppa Pig.

Peppa and family will be coming to America next week.


There are always worse things



When my kids were small I could not get party stuff here in the US for their birthdays

I nearly ordered it from the UK but it was over the top expensive and we were rubbing pennies back in those days.

This is very exciting! My kids also like Peppa. But we are 1000% in Bluey mania right now! As in we cook breaky and they put trash in the wheelie bins. Thankfully the show is absolutely hilarious. Now the US needs to step up the merch. We have many Peppa toys but like a single Bluey plush!

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I watched the good old Shining Time Railroad show! Loved it. But I also really like Thomas and Friends! The music is my favorite. And we have a local, VERY well done Thomasland themepark. Now there is an even newer incarnation of Thomas and Friends Big World Adventures that I think is also incredible. It really impresses me how they come up with engines that represent different nations so well. I wish my kids liked it more.

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One of my kiddos a few years ago when I was teaching kids exclusively on the Autism spectrum was ALL ABOUT Peppa. Like, she would come in speaking in a British accent and recounting the events of the previous night’s episode.