Pecos Bill. Seasonal? Any good?

Have any of your tried the Mex menu at Pecos Bill? Is it a seasonal CS?

We had it last October, I don’t think it’s seasonal. We loved the fajita’s enough that we ate there twice. It’s the toppings bar that makes it great!


The seasonal one is Tortuga Tavern.

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Pecos Bill’s is year round; haven’t tried it since they put in the new menu (but I plan on trying it next trip).

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It’s good, better than Cosmic Rays IMHO. Great toppings bar as mentioned. Self-serve guacamole is so good. No idea how it stays green…pretty sure I don’t want to know.


It’s probably a function of volume; it gets eaten so quickly it’s never around long enough to turn brown.

Are beans one of the choices? My dd is a vegetarian and as long as there are beans she can make herself a bean and cheese one…