Payment method for tips on dining plan

This will be our first time using the DDP. I know we will tip at all TS restaurants (we typically tip 20% when out at home), but I'm wondering the best method to pay the tip. I have several friends who paid the tip in cash and then were also charged to their room. Which method would you recommend to make this an easy trip.

I think charging to room is easiest.

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So do they charge the standard 18% or do we have an option of giving them a higher percentage if they are very good?

I believe you can tip whatever you please. They only chargev18% on parties of 6 or more. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

You are correct.

My recommendation would be to pick 1 method and stick to it: either cash or charge to the room. Some restaurants add an auto gratuity, especially if you're in a party of 6 or more so be sure to check the receipt.

I prefer to charge to the room, especially for the tap-n-go charges with the magic bands now and because I find it easier to track on the room bill instead of trying to keep all the receipts in order on the go.

It really is a personal preference. We used to always tip in just cash and I would keep a separate little envelope/area in my bag for tips and receipts.

It sounds like charging to the room is easiest. Would it be ok to go to the front desk (or wherever that is done) to pay each balance at the end of the day. We do an envelope system to keep our budget in check.

Absolutely! Enjoy

We prefer to pay cash, especially if you are doing DDP because the tips could really add up to a large bill at check-out. Love that all of the restaurants figure what an 18% and 20% tip is and print it at the bottom of the bill.

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Having the 15%, 18% and 20% options printed on the receipt does make it easier to choose the appropriate amount and write it in. Math problems are not on my dessert menu


That's me too and I have to say, I love your title!