Am staying at resort. Everything paid for. I know the magic band will be hooked to room. So as I purchase items throughout the stay, gifts, extra food, etc, I will swipe my magic band and it will go to my room.
I know the room will be hooked to a credit/debit card. So will the purchases be added to my room reservation and paid at the end of my trip? Or will they deduct it immediately from my cred/debit card?
I will have gift cards to use and don’t know if I turn them in immediately when I check in or wait till I check out… thanks for any info how the “bookkeeping” works.

from my understanding, is that once you hit a certain limit, front desk will charge you. So like every day or so, you will need to apply GC to any outstanding amounts.

haven’t done it myself, but that is what i read.

anyone else want to chime in?

also, you cannot pay “order ahead” dining on phone app with GCs.

I hesitate to answer because I am unsure how the new credit card holds are being handled.

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I would say call your hotel or ask when you arrive. Certainly this is a question the front desk has dealt with previously I’m sure.

From what I have heard, because I have asked this to people at Disney, my TA and others, the best bet would be to stop at the front desk each day or 2 and use the gift cards. There will be a hold of at least $100 placed on the card and then holds will keep going up.

We are going this Saturday, March 9 - 16, so will have a better idea of how it works. For us, our first major charge would be for the Chef’s Table at V&A. With what we have figured out, we would be better using a gift card right at the resort. We have over $2800 in gift cards and really do not want our bank account charged. We do not use credit cards, as we cash flow the trips. We would have the money in our bank account, however we would then need to have them reverse the charges and then charge the Gift Cards.

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Thank u for info. Will call…heard ot was a nightmare getting someone to answer phone

Phone calls go to the call center. Although emails do too, at least it gives times for maybe the person answering to get some correct info.

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You can tell them at check in that you don’t want any charges made by your MB. You can pay for everything with your gift cards at time of purchase. I had DD MB just enabled for her to use DDP all other purchases had to be paid for at time of purchase.