Payment at Festival Booths

Can you use gift cards and/or MagicBand for payment at Festival food booths at Epcot?

Yes, both of these are available options.


Thank you!

They sell special edition gift cards with a stretchy wristband at the festival shops specifically so you can pay for things more quickly at the kiosks. I had to get a new one at F&W this past fall to replace the one I’d been using and reloading since Flower & Garden 2016!


Good to know!

How much do you load on the card to start with? Where do you buy the gift card?

I bought it at one of the festival merch kiosks… they’re kind of scattered around world showcase. I think I put $20 and transferred the balance from my other card. I generally buy gift cards at Target with my Target card for the 5% off.

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It’s a really good way to respect your budget as well. Learn from my mistakes.


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