Paying to park

On our check our morning, our current plan is for my husband to go pick up a rental car by Uber while I finish packing and hang with our two little kids at the pool. Then he’s planning to swing by to load luggage, pick us up, and drive to the grandparents.

Any idea if they’ll make him pay to pick us up? He may park briefly to eat lunch or if we’re still changing into our clothes, but it wouldn’t be overnight or while we go to the parks or anything. We’re staying at the Poly, if it matters. Thanks!

By the rules, they shouldn’t. He just needs to explain what he’s doing and they will let him in to get you.

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Will you keep the car overnight? If not, get DH to tell the CM at the gate. And check your account the next day at the front desk, they can sort it out for you if the charge has been added.

He’d just be parking for an hour at most. We’d likely have already checked out by the time he gets there with the car, so there wouldn’t be an open account to charge.

Just a little FYI, not about the parking but your account isn’t really closed when you check out. You can still bill to your room with your magic band (like when you’re killing time at DS before a late Airport pick up). Or at least we did.