Paying room-only early?

Hey guys, I’ve seen a little bit about this, but would love a solid answer.

I have a room-only type reservation. I just got my $2,000 Disney Gift cards from BJ’s in the mail today. I’d like to apply them to the room now.

Will they allow me to pay towards the room early? I know usually you pay at check-in.

Also, if I can pay early, what number do I call?

Thanks all!

Can definitely pay off early. I would just call the regular Disney vacation line (I usually have a travel agent and she calls it in for me)


What if you have to cancel? Will they still issue a full refund of the extra amount you paid?

I’m sure they would, as long as the trip is canceled within the required time limit.

They may refund to the form of payment you used so if there’s a chance cancellation, people paying with gift cards should make sure to keep the actual gift cards (and not throw away), if you don’t use a website to combine them into one balance before use.


^This - it can be a big hassle with refunds when you pay with gift card(s) and do not keep them. One of the reasons I do not like GCs - that and the fact that I have just tied up my money for a single purpose.

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I usually make sure I register the gift card online so that if I lose that card, I can transfer it to another card online. Works really well.

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Good tip. Where do I register them online?

You can also use this to combine gift cards. I usually keep one gift card in my wallet at all times and then I buy electronic ones from Target (at 5% off) and then transfer the electronic ones to the one I have in my wallet.

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Thank you! I’ll combine my 4 $500 ones into 2 $1000 ones.