Paying for parking/DVC rental

I am renting DVC points at the AKL in September. I have read that if you are renting DVC, you do not pay parking fees at the resort. Do you also get free parking in the parks?

Yes, you have an on-site stay so you can park at the parks for free.


Is this also true if you are staying at a Villa but booked through Disney?

No. It applies to any villa booked through a Membership. That means on a member’s points or as a Member cash booking through DVC.

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We stayed at OKW booked through Disney and did not pay parking. That said, OKW is an all DVC resort, so I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

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According to this page you should have paid for parking.

Unless you’re from the U.K., in which case only reservations staying on or after 1st Jan 2020 will pay.

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We are not from the UK. We were there in June of this year.


Related question - how many vehicles are allowed under a single DVC reservation? For example, if you have a two-bedroom villa with two families, can you have two cars under the reservation, both with free parking?

Yep. In theory you could have one car for each person listed on the reservation!

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Awesome - thanks!