Paying for DDP using Disney Gift Cards (DVC)?

We are taking our (3) kids down to WDW this September and are renting DVC points from some friends of ours to stay in a larger room. We’ll be staying at Kidani to take advantage of the extra bathroom and great pool area. DW and myself are seasoned Disney vets as well as knowing the ins and outs of renting DVC. Our youngest will be 2 months shy of turning 3…so this is our last trip only paying for 2 of the kids to get in the parks.

My main question is…if we stocked up on Disney Gift Cards from Sam’s to save a little more money, could our DVC owner pay for the DDP using these gift cards? Or will she have to pay some other way?

Normally, we are more inclined to not get the DDP as it really is an awful value. However, since we will only have to pay for 2 adults and 2 kids, we can actually get our money’s worth by doing more character meals and buffets where the youngest can eat for free. This would also give us plenty of snacks to fill in the gaps at QS locations to spread more food out to all 3 kids.

I asked our DVC owner if she knew and she wasn’t where she could check at the time, so I thought I’d ask the good folks here before checking with her again. Another reason we’d love to go this route is to use our Southwest Visa to buy the gift cards and continue adding points to get us what we need to fly everyone for free. I don’t get that luxury if I have to send the DVC owner cash or have to pay a fee using the card through PayPal/Venmo.


You would transfer the cards to one or two cards at the Disney Gift Card site. They can then purchase the dining plan through the link under the reservation on their member dashboard.


Thank you!

That is exactly what I was thinking was the case, but wanted to check to be sure since I don’t have access to the member dashboard.

Our plan is to load up on Disney Gift Cards ahead of our trip and use those to stay on our budget.