Paying for APs with Gift Cards

Has anyone ever tried to pay for their AP’s with gift cards? We bought a ton of gift cards at Target to pay for our AP’s but they are telling us we can only use one!

You can there is a phone number that you can call and they can apply all the cards to the same purchase. Unfortunately I didn’t write down the number and can’t find the post. I’ll keep looking because I know I saw it recently.

This is the number I was looking for: 407 566 4985 (option 5)

Thank you! Will try this evening.

I bought my AP this using using the website. It took a little while to load the gift cards into the account, but once I did that the purchase worked fine.

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@fiel Thank you so much! That worked with no issues.

Did it at guest services. And they gave us a coupon for a free ice cream because we had the longest receipt that day


@wdwfamily3, I thought of Guest Services, but wanted to make FPP reservations ahead of time, so I needed to have the AP voucher to be able to do so.