Paying for a four year old to eat

I am not trying to sound cheap, but my son eats like a bird, and sometimes I am lucky to get him to eat a bite period. I don’t especially like the thought of paying for him to “not eat.” Is there a way around this? At restaurants in which you pick from a menu, he can eat from our plates, but it is the buffets that I am worried about. I realize that the character experiences are part of what you pay for, and I get that, but the cost of the food is so much for someone who will only eat two bites if we are lucky.

Sorry but the only way around that is not to eat at buffets or fixed price menus.

Thank you, I figured as much. Since we have four character meals scheduled, I guess we will be paying, lol.

It must be frustrating. Maybe he will surprise you but if not, think of it as paying for the experience rather than uneaten food!

Character meals are super stimulating and combined with the stimulation of parks might be too much. Many parents with younger kids opt for more calm meals to give kids a break . I would suggest possibly dropping 1 or 2 and booking something more relaxing instead.

For character meals - the meal was always OK at best anyway - you are, unfortunately paying for the characters. So think of it as paying for the experience instead of the food. Other places - just feed him off your plate - most places are very accommodating.