Pay for EMM or utilize evening EMH?

Which would be a better use of limited time to ensure my tweens will be able to ride as many rides as possible at Magic Kingdom? Pay for Early Morning Magic on a Tuesday morning or stay for Extra Magic Hours from 10-12 pm the next day? Some of the things I read say that MK clears out after the fireworks, others say lines are still long. MK estimated to be CL 6 both days.

EMM only includes specific rides. If those are rides you’d like to do over and over with no waits, then emm is for you. The breakfast and empty park, and ability to get 2 or three headliner rides in after RD before you have breakfast is a decent bonus as well. Don’t discount the breakfast, it’ll be a decent spread.

You are already paying for EMH by staying at a resort that offers it, so if you can schedule it correctly, why not do both if you’d like to do emm? Hoppers can be kinda made for this situation.

Also, are they early risers, or do they do better late? We are early risers, so there’s no way I’d do late emh, we’d be miserable. Emm on the other hand, not even an issue.

They like to stay up later on the weekends, but they are use to getting up at 6 am for school. So I’m not sure which would be better to be perfectly honest. It may be a moot point, because for this plan to work, I needed to move my Hollywood Studios day to one they are offering After Hours, but I currently have EMM planned for HS on a day I would have to cancel. As I’m reading the fine print, it says the reservation is non-refundable. I’m going to have to call, but that sounds like I can’t cancel EMM and schedule After Hours…

You can cancel EMM with one day notice for full refund.

Thanks for the info!

I am pretty much philosophically against paying for the up-charge events. If I was independently wealth, then why not - but I’m not. When I go next Dec if they have something for SWGE I might do it simply because the crowds otherwise will be unbearable, but for regular attractions, it’s just not worth it to me.


I look at EMM as a more expensive PPO character breakfast with walk on rides. I see the value, but many won’t.

To the OP, You have to decide if you want an empty land with limited rides, or extended park hours with waits. The two events are definitely quite different.


I think tweens will be more interested in riding Space, Big Thunder, and Splash then PPF and WTP. They will like Mone Train I’m sure but I think evening emh is a better choice. You can also probably snag some extra fpp for earlier in the night for some of the big rides.

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My teens have always loved late hours at MK and would prefer that to the morning event. The morning rides offered are not generally the ones we ride more than once a day. Now if they offered an early morning magic with Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain, we might be enticed. Disney After Hours also seems great if your kids can hang late (it is from 10pm-1am on December 10th when I go).


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I see what you mean, but I was thinking that if they rode 7DMT a few times during EMM, then we could “rope drop” the other bigger rides while everyone was heading to Fantasyland to ride 7DMT and still have FPP for the afternoon - making it so we could ride each of the mountain coasters more than once without long waits.

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I would love the After Hours option for MK, but it doesn’t look like they have After Hours for MK during our trip. They stop the week before we get there…at least for now…

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This works too.

How important is riding 7DMT numerous times? Is it worth the money?

Not sure. None of us have ridden it, but I think so. My boys will be 10 and 13 and I think it will be right up their alley…

Do your boys like the other mountains? If so, 7DMT is very tame. It’s a fun ride and my whole family enjoys it. We usually FPP it on our MK days but riding it multiple times does not hold appeal, even for my youngest 2 (ages 7 and 9). After Hours would be a great thing if they had it for our MK days (which they don’t-only have HS during our stay and I don’t think that’s worth it for us) and I could accept the hefty price tag for all 6 of us.


If you don’t know whether they will want to ride multiple times, then I wouldn’t.



eredmister - if your kids like coasters, 7dmt is not very “thrilling.” The theme-ing is great, the scenes are funny, and the video that is created for you is a riot, but those are almost better than the ride itself - if you like thrill rides, it’s not that great. Emm is worth it if you want to do those specific rides over and over. It’s also a decent breakfast, and you’ll get crazy cool pictures in a near empty park, but you might be disappointed in 7d if you are looking for a “thrill” coaster.

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Last month was 1st time we ever stayed late in MK (leaving at 11:15 being late for us) w the kiddos & cousins- now 6 7 7 8. They loved it, especially being able to ride the bigger coasters, Splash etc. a # of times.

7Ds still has long lines b/c it’s the newest ride there, but it’s a very short ride, and for our kiddos, not worth doing a lot of times. PPan is cute, but also not worth doing many times for us. The reason PPan has long lines is b/c is 1 of the slowest loading rides at MK.

Since you kiddos are a lot older than our’s I’d say they’ll get a bigger kick out of the big rides, and being able to ride them over a few times. Also, it’s fun to be in MK in the later evening when the crowds are lighter, and all the rides are light up, pretty cool.

We rarely spend extra $$ for Disney add-ons, similarly to what @BSwan says. Rather spend our vaca budget on fancier rooms and a few fancier dinners.

We did spring for MNSSHP this trip, it was great. But was it worth ar $100 per person? Well, I’m glad we went, so fun. But I think another trip we’d prefer a nice sit down meal with the same $, no need to repeat the party again.