Patriots Platter at LTT (also any nut free dessert)?

How is the Patriots Platter at Liberty Tree Tavern? Can you get more of certain items (we really like pot roast, not so much pork)? Do you think they would let us get french fries instead of mashed potatoes? None of us eat mashed potatoes.

We have peanut/tree nut allergies. Are any of the desserts safe?

I’ve never been, but have you looked on TP website at the menus? A lot of the allergy menus are on there.

I do remember that BoG didn’t have any desserts for peanuts/tree nuts allergies on their new menu at dinner; which disappointed me. I don’t know if they have changed that recently, though.

i’m not sure about subbing the items, as it’s a “family style all you can eat” and yes, they will bring you more of any item you request. I am the only one that eats a salad, so they brought me an individual portion at my request, since it would have been wasteful to bring the big one… maybe they would completely leave off the mashed potatoes! the desserts were all on one plate… maybe you can request just the ice cream!!! our waitress was very accommodating!