Pathway from Pandora to Africa


I’m looking at the Disney map and there looks to be a pathway that goes from Satu’il Canteen to the Festival of the Lion King theatre. Has anyone seen this/walked on this? I want to make sure it is open and accessible as we are hoping to rope drop Na’vi River Journey and then head right to the safari ride.




Yes it’s there and it’s lovely and it’s a nice shortcut. Do it. :heart:


I too have used that path. It is not an option at rope drop to enter but leaving is great.


@PrincipalTinker and @OBNurseNH - THANK YOU both for confirming this! Happy to know that I won’t be leading my family down a dead end path!


Is it ever an option during the day to enter? I know originally they were just using it as an exit to Pandora only and one could never enter there. Not sure if that policy has changed though.


Yes, it was open to entry during our trip 10/18-25, walked it several times. Just not first thing in the morning.


I entered during the day as well using that path. They actually had the FoP line along that path!


Thanks - good to know that’s an option into Pandora at least later in the day now…


My family used it multiple times during two different days at AK last June; however, never at rope drop. The earliest we used it was about 11:30 am. It was a standard path to enter/exit Pandora at that time.


Like people said, the path was not open at rope drop or the first few hours AK was open when we were there in August. Even later in the day, I once encountered it only being open for 1 direction only. So lots of doubling back for my family. :disappointed: I think it depends on how crazy long the line for Flight of Passage is as it snakes all around and sometimes clogs up the entrance to that path.


I was there this past Saturday, and they had that path closed. Cast members were directing everyone back to Discovery Island. Maybe it will be open when you go, but have an alternate plan.


I’m going to cross my fingers and hope for the best. If we can use it to get out of Pandora to Africa, that will be fabulous! I’m trying to rope drop Na’vi River Journey and then ride the safaris. For an 8:00am open, Touring Plans is showing me a 4 minute wait for NRJ and then another 4 minute wait for KS. It is hard to believe that I wouldn’t have to wait longer at either (or both) of those rides. Does that sound right to you?