Passing Time In Queue Lines

Reading @DisneyLady1991 post on the “Heads Up” app passing time in queue lines got me to thinking. What do other liners do to pass the time. Do they rely on technology? Do the do the good old fashion face to face socializing?

If you use technology what are you doing? Playing games, checking Lines App for wait times, social media?

If you are doing face to face socializing what are you doing? Singing, quoting Disney movies, casual conversation about the people walking by?

Would love to hear what you do!

When we are in line we are usually quoting Disney movies or making comments about the people we see and the details we spot in the queue.

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We are usually discussing our plans, what we’ve done and what we’re looking forward to. We also had the hidden Mickey book, we didn’t end up using it a lot though.

We like to take silly photos. It’s fun for the kids and we can easily delete any ones that didn’t turn out good. But we’ve gotten some of our best family photos this way.

We chat about the ride we are about to go on, what we’ve done so far and what’s next. Ds4 is very patient for a 4 year old who loves disney… Even waiting in a short line :wink:

I forgot about the Hidden Mickeys. We have done that also. Our family can get very competitive when seeing who can find the most! We know it is for fun, but you can still sense the competitiveness. How about your family?

That is a great idea!!!

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We tend to work together to find them, if we get competitive it would get ugly fast!

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Well, we are now using the Heads Up App, but in prior trips, I brought very small notebooks and pens for the kids to draw pictures of characters, or play tic tac toe, etc. Only ‘Mom and Dad’ get to bring their phones to the park (for now at least…and my DS12 went along with that this time- although he kept saying it would be nice to have his phone too!) When they were very small, it was sticker books and blank paper and a small pack of crayons. When they were small, I also had more snacks with me for them to eat in line, but we still use that time to have a quick drink of water, etc. My kids also started trading pins last year and so they are always on the lookout for others with pins to trade. The kids made DH and I get pins too, so that can take up some good time in line. I have been known to have ‘quiet’ contests and the winner gets a quarter or gets to pick the next snack/dessert place. But as the kids are getting older, we are trying to actually chat with them a bit or now play Heads Up. No idea what we’ll do on the next trip, but it was grand on the one last week. (want to go back now!)

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With TPs… we really don’t wait on any lines. Seriously. Having said that, we have had some long waits for ADRs, which is a wdw fail, imo. I print out laugh floor jokes to entertain my family during the ADR waits, or waits for parades/FWs. Works really well. As far as discussing our plans, my family has learned that if they simply follow Daddy, they’ll get to do everything they told him they wanted to do, without having to wait in line for anything.


We’re big people watchers. We also like to discuss plans, things we’ve done, fave Disney things. When the kids were little we always carried bubbles. Nowadays, I’d probably check and recheck lines, snack, text pics to friends, and enjoy WDW!! lol