Passholders: Enjoy one last ride on these two classic attractions

I was just glad I could get one more Great Movie Ride with the original blackout dates. Weather plays a big part of when I choose to go.

“Enjoy one last ride on these two classic attractions.
Great news, Passholders. We’re adjusting your August blockout dates so you can experience both The Great Movie Ride® and Ellen’s Energy Adventure before they close on August 13! Of course, there’s plenty more to explore with your extra time as well.”

That was cool that they adjusted black out dates

The cynic in me says that’s because crowds are down this summer and pass holders can’t spend money there if they can’t get in.

I actually deleted a mention of that from my post because… I don’t care why they did it.

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Well yeah, if I was a pass holder I wouldn’t care either!

I really said what I did to bump it back to the top of the list for those who might be interested and did not know.

Everything Disney does is to make money It is a fact.

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Just like every business. Hopefully, everyone’s received an email. Fast pass booking is available now (didn’t know if it would wait until 9 like resort booking Fast Passes). Forecast of 84 with 60% chance of rain (rain, for sure) on August 1. I’m grabbing my poncho and hitting HS in the morning. I have a 2 hour drive but will be there before rope drop!