I am a new Annual Passholder and I was told that my Annual Pass will give everyone on my reservation Dining discounts for passholders . Could someone please verify if this is true. Thanks Jane

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Yes it will, as long as you are paying the bill.

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The people you’re dining with don’t even have to be on your reservation; we’ve had local friends join us and as long as one of us has an AP, we’ve gotten the discount. Note we haven’t tried this with huge groups, just another couple of folks besides us.

There are 4 adults including me and two children age 4 and 2

You will be ok, from what i’ve read there is a limit of 6 people per AP.

Yes, your AP will technically cover up to a party of 6, as long as you are paying the bill and they do not need to be on your hotel ressie. However, I have been present with big groups where the entire party received the discount only showing 1 AP, and it was not even the person covering the bill. Cast member discretion I’m sure.

Thank you all so much. you are so knowledgeable and as a new Annual Passholder I really don’t know much at all. I appreciate your help

I was just there in March and I was the only one who was an AP (at the Crystal Palace) and my waiter said that it was only good for 4 people, including me. We had to pay the full price for 2 people in our party. But when I went to BOG for dinner they gave it to all 6 of us with only my AP. I was told by other liners that it is only good for 4 people.

Thank you . Two in are party are children age 2 and 4 so if we have to pay full price it will be for them. It is good to know that this might happen

“Unless otherwise stated, discount excludes alcoholic beverages, applicable tax and gratuity, and is valid for the Passholder and up to three (3) Guests. Dining hours vary by location; inquire at time of booking. Locations and operating hours subject to change without notice.”

As always, I am sure it is subject to the discretion of whomever is ringing up the sale . . .

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