Passholder rates always come out?

What are the odds that they won’t release passholder rates? For low-moderate crowds do they always release passholder nights?

Soooooo, we are planning on a Late April trip to Universal. The super exciting news is that another family is joining us. The mom is my best friend and the daughter is my daughter’s best friend.

Being late April, the passholder rates aren’t out yet. My thought is to make the reservation for a premier hotel and then when the passholder rates come out, have it switched to that. I do have a Liner TA to help with that. But I don’t want to put her on the spot by asking her.

Looking at 3 nights at either Hard Rock Hotel or Royal Pacific on the weekend 4/30 - 5/3. I know there have been other threads comparing them, so I’ll look there. When it was just our family the plan had been to do one night at Hard Rock then Cabana Bay then two nights at Royal Pacific.

For the weekdays we got that Cabana Bay Family Suite Deal for 104/night. Can’t beat that with a stick.

Sometimes the passholder rates don’t come out until a few months before. Keep checking. Good Luck!!

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There’s a limited amount of UOAP rates at hotels, they might be booked out. Keep checking to see if any open up.

Well, they keep telling me that they haven’t opened up yet. Since > 90 days out.
But, I’m hoping that they come out at all.

I’ve seen UOAP rates drop months out and also weeks out. I suggest book now and rebook if the rates drop and/or UOAP rates drop. For my HHN trips I usually rebook at least two or three times to lower the price.

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Check now, they are out for April 2021.

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I’d also had a day for May 2nd, and that had PH rates too. Hard Rock didn’t have the passholder rates for the standard rooms so I had to upgrade to the Garden View, but still discounted from the non-PH rates