Passholder Benefits- Can you get additional tickets at a discount?

Do current passholders get a discount on purchasing additional tickets? We are planning a May trip and may be taking some non-passholders with us. Can I get them tickets at a discounted rate?

I am unaware of discounts on tickets based on AP, DVC holdings. Military mbrs can get discounted tickets. If you are a DoD ID card holder that would be your best savings. I’m sure others have other suggestions for discounts.

It looks like all Universal APs still have tickets on tickets (some more than others)

It has to be multi-day tickets?

Passholders get 10% (seasonal) or 15% (all other levels) off the gate price of multi-day passes purchased at the gate (limit of 6 per transaction).

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at WDW or Universal or both?

Universal, this is a Universal thread.

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jeez… sorry and thank you, I always forget to look at the full title :face_with_monocle:


I think you may find that additional Universal tickets may be cheaper at Undercover Tourist (or other ticketing outlets) than buying with the AP discount. At least check around. Plus with the AP discount, you have to purchase there, not in advance.

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Thanks! That was another thing I was wondering…I remembered reading somewhere on here that to get the discount you had to buy them at the ticket window at the park. I’ll let them know that they’re probably better off with Undercover Tourist! But we can hopefully still use my hotel discount : )

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Yes, the hotel discount is great if your dates + availability works! Hopefully you can get it!