Passes and EP

So we are contemplating a trip in August 2018. Normally we buy our passes from Undercover Tourist or similar. We are planning to stay on site so we get the unlimited EP can we do that even if we have bought our passes for the park else where?


Yes, you will be able to get EP if you stay at one of the three onsite hotels that offer it. It doesn’t matter where you buy the tickets–just matters where you stay. So worth it.


Thank you! That is what I thought but I wanted to double check!

I bought my tickets at Undercover Tourist and stayed at RPR earlier this month and we had the EP with no issues…just wanted to add that your exact scenario will work!

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Thank you! My hubby is definitely worried that if we do not buy everything from universal we will not get the deal so good to see that you did it and it worked!!

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I realize your question has been asked and answered, but I am going in August as well this year and just wanted to say “hi”! I am still trying to decide if seasonal passes or UT tickets are the most cost effective for our trip. Every other trip, I buy tickets from UT and then stay onsite. Never had any problems!

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When are you planning to go? We are thinking mid august.

We are planning for August 16-20, right before the kids go back to school. Hotel prices and crowd levels are a little lower then than any other time during the summer.

Right around the same time as us!! Maybe we will see you there!

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