Party of Five - FastPass+

Making FastPass+ Reservations and noticing that if I try to book for 5 people on popular rides, there is nothing available but if I split 2 and 3 there are plenty of morning and afternoon fastpasses . Anyone else experience this? Should I expect this every time and just book rides as in groups of 2 and 3?

hmmm…can you at least get the split fastpasses in the same hour? Most I have ever done at once was 4 and had no problems all at same time. Hopefully it gets better/easier for you

Yes, I can get them in the same hour. MyDisneyExperience actually combined two separate reservations into one after i did it. Since I am entering my 30 day window, I am trying to select quickly but 5 people in a group seems to limit my selections.

I just had my FPP day for a party of 5, and it is definitely easier to book smaller groups. They have more availability. I didn’t find that dramatic of a change, though, where it goes from nothing available for 5 to lots of availability for groups of 2-3. On the other hand, I didn’t try breaking our group up that many times, so maybe if I had I would have seen that too.

When booking 60 days out, there is still availability for a variety of times on lots of rides for a party of 5, especially if you’re booking days later in your trip (ex. 60+5 rather than 60+1). I’m sorry to say that I suspect some of your difficulties come from making your FP 30 days out. I’m glad that you’re having some successes, though.