Party of 9 for Dining Reservations


We will be a party of 9 travelling in March. Just prior to COVID, we were there and were a party of 10. I was successful in making all kinds of reservations for our party and only had to “split” us up on two occasions.

I heard now that the largest party you can book is 8. Can anyone confirm this? If this is the case I will have to split all of our reservations which is a lot more work.

Thanks for your help!

Try calling instead of booking online. We were 9 pre-covid and would have trouble some places. Specifically, I remember T-REX and since it wasn’t an actual Disney restaurant, they were able to accommodate us via phone when the Disney website couldn’t.

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I second the calling. I had to split our party of 8 when I booked online last month.

So did you book a split reservation and then call the restaurant to ask if they could accommodate the group together?

No I booked two reservations. They figured it out when we got there and put two tables together for us. It was a longer wait so I would call ahead next time.

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