Party of 11 for dining reservations

The four of us potentially are meeting some friends and their family and may try to coordinate a dinner or two. How do yo work having 11 in your party? Never thought about this prior. Do you grab two reservations for smaller numbers and then try to get seated close? What is the max number? 10? Not sure what to do there. TIA!

When we went in April, the largest table size we could get was for a party of 8. As a party of 18 we ended up breaking apart into 3, sometimes 4 separate reservations. That was during the social distancing where every table wasn’t being occupied and they were deliberately keeping party sizes smaller to allow for it. I don’t know what they are doing now though, if that has been relaxed. What restaurant(s) are you thinking of? Some are more accommodating for larger parties than others.

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We have a party of 11 in mid-August…pretty much broke it into two reservations at same time (or 5-10 min apart)…one group of 6; one of 5. Figured we’ll ask when we arrive if we can get together or close or well mix/match our group each time…random seating generator.

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We had a group of 7 for our May trip. At Kona, Trattoria, Yak and Yeti, and The Plaza, I had called Disney Dining as soon as they were answering phones. A very helpful CM booked 2 reservations for the time I wanted. When we got to the restaurants, they seemed to be aware that the 2 reservations were together. At all of them, I asked at check in and they were able to put us together. Don’t know if they could do 11 people, but you can ask.