Partial Day, which park?

We are going to WDW in September for 3 days but the last day we would like to leave late afternoon early evening so we aren’t too exhausted to drive 3-4 hours to my dads house. My sons are 8 and 10 between Hollywood studios, magic kingdom and animal kingdom which would be best park to visit for this “partial” day?

  • We will be staying a All Star Movies Resort but driving from Ohio to and from our resort.

I’d really say it depends. Each would have their benefits. Since I presume you are only going to do one day at each park, with one park a partial day, I’d go with Animal Kingdom for the partial day, personally. HS has a lot to do and it has quickly gone from being a half day park to an almost two day park! Magic Kingdom, too, as the most rides overall, so cutting that one short doesn’t seem prudent.

Animal Kingdom has the greatest opportunity to do the major things you want and still leave early, in my mind.

it sounds like you have a car, so if you are driving to parks, i’d axe MK for a partial day, since you’ll spend 1-1.5 hours or so getting to and from the parking lot

since SWGE will be just opened, HS will still prob be quite busy

I agree with @ryan1, AK would be my choice

We had that dilemma coming up in May (mother’s day to be precise). We opted to do MK because we were able to add EMM to extend our day. That may not be the best option for you, but maybe taking into account EMHs (if applicable) might help in your decision.


We are staying at All Star Movies so we won’t be driving to any of the parks, just taking bus.

ETA: I see now that you’re going on Sept. I would do AK.

Previously said I would choose HS. It’s always - til August anyway - a short day for us

We are staying at All Star Movies so we won’t be driving to any of the parks, just taking bus. I thought we were always able to do Ak in less than a day but wasn’t sure since the kids are older now if mk still has a lot to interest then. It’s been 8 years exactly since we last went.

The question is whether you think any of the parks will have extra things to do that you didn’t get done on the first day you were there. MK is the one that usually has too much to do in one day.

But if you think you can make RD… well earlier than RD, because of line ups, you could try for AK to get to do FOP.

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Thanks everyone!

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