Parks were really busy 9/6-9/7 (5 or 6 to me), yet it shows 1 observed?

Yet it said it was going to be a 2 and on TP’s review of the day after it said it was observed to be a 1. Have the numbers changed? A 1 one used to mean you could walk on to most rides. I was thinking this is like a 5 or 6 compared to other times I’ve been there on 5 or 6 days.

Are 1 days now different than they were 3 years ago?


I’m curious which parks you were in…? I was not in WDW, but have been watching ride wait times periodically- they seemed quite low to me. My TP in October is showing a 90 minute wait for MFSR on a CL6/7 day (same as predicted this weekend) - but actual wait times have generally been less than an hour if not half that. While not scientific, other parks seemed to have similarly low wait times.

I believe CLs are based on wait times - ie Epcot may be very crowded bc of F&W but that doesn’t necessarily impact TP’s CL score.


Were in Epcot on Friday and Animal Kingdom on Saturday. AK was packed by 3pm and we left.

I remember reading that crowd levels had been adjusted to reflect changes in park wait times. I think it was perhaps this article:

We were at Epcot on Friday and the wait times were amazing for us! However, we were only there from 9am until around 2pm.

Wait times have increased, so an adjustment is needed… from

.ugh I missed this article

So my expectations of a 1 or a 2 are off it seems. I guess I need to only go on zero days or when a hurricane is about to hit, to get the kind of lines I like :frowning: