Parks & Touring Sections for July 2015

So I am planning a trip for me & my 5 year old daughter for July 2nd-7th. I understand how massive Disney is, so I have discussed what rides/etc she wants to do, as well as what shows. She really only wants to do most of her park time at Magic Kingdom. Do you think this plan is okay:

Day 1 (half day): Magic Kingdom - Fantasy land
Day 2: Magic Kingdom - Fantasy land & Bibbity Boutique
Day 3: Animal Kingdom
Day 4: Magic Kingdom - Frontierland (where the big thunder coaster is) & Pirates Cruise
Day 5: Hollywood Studios - focusing on Frozen events
Day 6 (half day): Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland

You make no mention of Adventureland or Liberty Square. The JC, POC, and HM, three of the most iconic attractions in the MK are in those two lands. Perhaps you are grouping FrL and LS square into one category; in that cas doing AL, FrL, and LS in one day is reasonable. Unless you are planning on a number of re-rides and a lot of M&Gs, I think a day and a half (even with BBB) may be a bit of overkill for just FL A half day in TL is probably about right.

Ya I was combining all the lands on the left as one day. My kiddo didnt seem that interest in that side of the park

I think you have a good plan there. Good focusing on your daughter. Good to have some plan, and let her lead, and add a few that you think she may like.

Personally I like the focus of the Magic Kingdom especially for a little princess.

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Will you re-ride some attractions multiple times? How long will your days be? I was just wondering about day 4.