Parks - plan of Attack

So our ARs are coming up soon, trying to come up with a park schedule, plan of attack per day.
This is our first trip - have never been to WDW - just wondering if we would need to adjust -
MK - 2 days
EP - 2 days
HS - 1 day
AK - 1 day

Does this sound about right? I know EP is pretty big so thought 1 day would be limiting -
not sure about HS or AK -

We did the same thing last trip when we did a 6 day ticket and it worked out well. But next trip we are doing 2 at HS and 1 at Epcot due to SWGE. So it depends on whether the new stuff at HS is a factor for you.

That’s what we did on our trip last month, and it worked perfectly for us. Who are you going with? We had a 5 and 3 year old so on our Epcot days we went back to the hotel for a few hours in the afternoon to swim - there aren’t as many rides there that interest them. That being said, there are a few things that we didn’t do there (Club Cool, the water areas, most of the Flower and Garden festival) that I would have liked to get to.

My kids were 12 and 9 when we went for the first time last fall. Besides meeting some characters, Soarin, Test Track, and Mission Space. They were definitely good for 1 day. DH could have spent the whole week there! I think if your kids are younger, you can get two days. We did 2.5 MK and didn’t get to do everything because kids wanted to go back to swim in the pool. For 6 days, I would includ a resort/rest day.

Going with DH, DS21, DD8 (yes i know, big age gap :wink: )

I think your plan is great! Epcot really is huge if you want to really see the countries good for two days…

This is our plan with 6 park days with a 3.5 year old and 5 month old. We figure we can knock out Future World one day and World Showcase the other day and have two short-ish days with rest time.

I think you’re good with two days then! DS can drink his way through WS :wink: DD9 loved meeting Belle and Mary Poppins in WS. I think your plan will work well!

We have this plan, too. Though maybe another half-day at EP because we’re right there at BWI and really want to see WS better than we have in the past. If your daughter gets bored (or even if she doesn’t!) try Agent P in WS- it’s touted as an activity for kids but I think it’s fun for everyone.

Our big family trip (kids were 10, 7, 5) we spent 2 days at EPCOT and still skipped World Showcase. I’d rather have another day at AK - it’s my favorite park (and that’s before Pandora opened)!