Parks closing hours differ to previous years

I’ve been looking at the crowd-calendar to compare opening/closing hours of WDW on August 15 2019 for instance … I noticed compared to previous years all parks close at 9PM.

What’s weird to me is previous 5 years had park closings later than 9PM (except Epcot).

Does WDW adjust park closing hours for the summer?
Do you predict it will stay like this or can we see extended closing hours for Magic Kingdom for example to 11PM?

Thank you for helping :slight_smile:.

I think they’ve reduced operating hours over the last few years to reduce wages.
They definitely do extend the hours at busy times though.

They’ve really started pushing “After Hours” events that require an additional ticket to enter this last year. During your time I see MNSSHP dates at MK and Disney H20 Glow at Typhoon Lagoon.

They don’t set their operating calendar until about 30 - 45 days out. So, you’ve still got time before anything is final. Rarely, if ever, do they lower the hours. If they do make any adjustments it will be to either do EMH or open until 10pm.


Hours are usually adjusted around the 15th of the month before. For August- sometime around July 15th .

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It’s predicted to be very quiet this summer though. I’m not expecting longer hours, though I’m hoping.


This info certainly eases my mind knowing that an operating calendar is usually released around 30-45 days out. Not been to WDW for a long time. I was afraid with SWGE opening, this would have an impact on operating hours on the days before opening, with the parks being less busy.

We’ll see what updates I receive from Touringplans around 30-45 days out, which will be in 30 days :smile:



I have no idea if longer hours will happen, although like you I am really hoping they stick to the operating hours of previous years.

Not expecting really extended park hours but an hour, hour and a half or 2 hours would be realistic looking back at previous years!

It’s really frustrating that Disney closes the parks right when it becomes comfortable, weather wise, to walk around and enjoy the beauty of the evening.


Glad we have one MNSSHP in the evening to look forward to then! :slight_smile:

Not to mention the small fortune the tickets cost. I’m not complaining about the money, but they should stay open until 11:00


I was thinking about the same thing this morning. I compared last year with this year. Last year, they had HS open 8-10:30 every day because of Toy Story Land. That’s not coming back.

I heard it’s safe to assume that the park hours won’t change at times when there’s a ticketed event. That means:

  • HS will not change the morning open times on Mondays & Wednesdays because of EMM.
  • MK will not change the morning open times on Sunday & Tuesday for the same reason
  • MK closing times won’t change on MNSSHP days.

Last year MK was open until 11 every night that week except for Friday. That might come back this year.

The reduction in capacity from MNSSHP will probably cause some extra hours to open at the other parks on Friday the 16th. We will probably see some extra hours Saturday too.

That might be about it. Does that sound about right?

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I guess 10:30 is out of the question, but 9:30 would be in accordance with previous years.

I certainly hope so instead of 9PM :slight_smile:
And yes, that sounds about right hopefully!!!