Parking when renting DVC points

I’m helping some friends with their trip in a few weeks and they’ve been given a DVC rental from friends who can’t use it this year. Will they have to pay for parking? It’s Saratoga Springs if that’s relevant. From what I’ve read DVC members don’t have to pay, but the members won’t actually be there.

we rented points at Saratoga Springs last summer and didn’t pay for parking


Oh that’s great news! Hopefully more people can confirm.

I am a DVC member but I rented from another member in October and I did not pay. I did pay for my one night at CSR.

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Parking is covered by dues. So an owner doesn’t pay at a DVC resort. Nor would a renter because that is booked on pounts. If you book through Disney CRO you will pay.


If you are renting DVC points, is parking in the parks free or just at resorts? What about if you have an ADR at another resort? I am staying at AKL in the fall on DVC points, but plan to eat at the Boardwalk Inn and possibly Wilderness Lodge.

You should have free parking for all of that.

Yay! Thank you, that is what I was hoping for!

Parking is free for eating/shopping, etc, during the day at the resorts for everyone.

This is wonderful news, thank you everyone!