Parking when booking through orbitz

I booked our rooms through Orbtiz (dolphin) and I have a total of what is due the day that we arrive. I was wondering if my total includes the nightly parking fee or if I will need to plan to pay that on top of my balance when we arrive? Anyone know?

Any guest staying onsite, regardless of how the reservation was made, is entitled to complimentary parking at their resort and at the parks. There are no parking fees any longer.

You’re all set!

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I don’t think that is true for the Swolphin resorts. Their websites still say you pay to park. $36 for self parking.

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I am pretty sure parking fees are in addition, it was last time we stayed there with a booking on a third party site. $36 a day currently.

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I always forget about those resorts :wink:

And I completely missed the note that it’s Dolphin! :woman_facepalming:t3:

Good callout