Parking Trams

Hey there my dh was just told by someone that EPCOT and HS don’t have parking trams anymore. Please tell me it is not true :grimacing:

I know they are running at MK but I’ve not seen them at the other parks. Maybe AK has them going now. @ThorKat

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Correct they are only running at MK and AK right now.


Do you think they will be bringing them back (asking for a lazy friend :wink: )

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I do. People hate not having them.

Last year our bus driver was telling us they were still short something like 500 bus drivers. While I’m sure it’s a lot better now I’m equally sure they have not filled all of those (or other) roles that would take precedence.

OTOH I wonder if they sell more Preferred Parking without them…

Sneaky bastards


Always thinking

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I haven’t heard anything since they announced they would all be back by the end of 2022 :roll_eyes::woman_shrugging:

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There are sone ways around it but they take time. Park at TTC with trams and monorail to EP.

Eat at a skyliner resort and take that to HS.

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