Parking Swan and Dolphin

Hi Friends. One of my days calls for rope dropping at the IG. I’ll be staying on property but not on The Boardwalk, and I’ll have a rental car. Are my options either park at the Swan or Dolphin or Uber to the same resort? If anyone has experience parking at The Swolphin, could you please let me about it? $25/day. Might I have an issue assessing the lot? Is parking pretty close to The Boardwalk? Other considerations??

Parking is on the far side of the resort from Boardwalk but is easy to access. Easiest way to IG is to cut thru Swan entrance and out the back side.

But I believe parking is more than $25. I didn’t confirm but I want to say that it’s closer to $40.


Thank you. I guess pricing depends on date of visit. But, parking at the Swolphin must be cheaper than round trip Ubers.

From the website

"*Pricing is seasonal and will vary based on date of visit.

  • Preferred parking: car or motorcycle – $45-$50 per day*
  • Standard parking: car or motorcycle – $25 per day (included for registered guests of the resort)"
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Where are you staying on-site?

Staying at Port Orleans

Do You know the above section you quoted on the Swolphin site is for Theme Park parking costs and not parking at the Swan itself?

Swolphin parking is not free for guests.

This is the Swolphin parking costs info on that same page:


I think Uber / Lyft and dropping at Swan would be cheaper ( even at $25)

Appreciate the thought. I just priced our Uber btw the 2 locations for tomorrow morning at 6:30am or 7am and got ranges for the cheapest Uber from 25- $36. Parking is $34

I see that is the cost if you reserve but costs right now range between $9-12?

I would be interested n others experience and if surge pricing is that high in the AM. I would also estimate that high number and consider the much lower cost when leaving (even if that surge estimate is that high).

I am editing to add: if Uber/Lyft is actually that high I would ask valet services to get me a taxi. You are staying in an EP area resort, it should not be that high.


No doubt costs will be way higher prior to park open vs after. Demand will be even higher during the holidays. I always thought reserve prices could be lower than booking in real time. I’ll check over the next few mornings. Thank you for your two cents!!

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We have done Lyft for rope drop at Epcot (via Yacht Club) and I don’t recall it being very expensive. So I don’t think there is surge pricing. (From Riverside)

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Thank you. My understanding with surge pricing is it’s a supply and demand thing. So, if 100 people request a ride from 80 available cars, demand exceeds supply and prices go up.

My guess is they demand will be highest on high crowd days and at either just before open or just after close.

I was curious how much a taxi would cost. According to this chart Taxi Fares in Major U.S. Cities
It would be about $15? PO to swan is about 3 miles?

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A group of us were just discussing the prearranged Uber issue last night. All of us are frequent travelers and Uber users. But, do note - none of us use Uber around WDW so our experiences are in other locations. Our consensus was that Uber always charges more to book a trip in advance than they do if you request at the moment you need it. I suppose there are surge situations when this may not be accurate but we haven’t encountered this. Each one of us have also had pre-arranged (night before) early morning trips to the airport cancelled by Uber at the last minute. I’ve had it happen three times before I learned my lesson (car service or get an Uber in the AM). All this to say, if you book in the morning vs the night before - you may actually get a better fare.


Thank you!!

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Id make a breakfast resi at A&C or Trattoria and just walk over. Gotta eat right?

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I thought about that for sure. But, ADRs open at the same time that it’s best to be at the IG. 7:30am

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I hate that Epcot is opening soo early. I used to consider it my sleep in morning park. Could you just :shushing_face: book the ADR to get into the parking lot, not go and just consider it the price of parking?
ETA: you can show up early for your ADR (thought it was around 30 mins but don’t quote me on that).

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Thank you!

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