Parking somewhere out of the world and using an uber to get to MK?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ever parked their rental car somewhere near MK, and then hired an uber to get them to the Contemporary Resort? Is this a good idea, and where do you recommend parking your rental car out of the world? Thank you for your help!

Why would you do this?

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In the Unofficial Guide it suggests that before driving to the MK, consider having a ride share drop you off at the Contemporary Resort to avoid the $25 parking fee and crowds at TTC. (We are driving from a townhouse in Clermont.) So I wasn’t sure if an uber drive from Clermont was cheaper than paying the parking fee of $25. I figured we could park somewhere like a Walmart or something and then uber to the Contemporary.

Maybe a little bit less but definitely not worth all the hassle it’s gonna cost. If you’re going to have to pay something I would just pay the parking and be done with it. You couldn’t be talking more than a difference of $10 and It’s probably much less than that

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Thank you! Good to know! Can you tell I’m new and haven’t been to Disney in years?


Welcome! We’re happy you’re here! We were all knew once and now that we are not not we’re happy to help those who are.

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They will also check why you are going to the Contemporary when the car pulls in - they may or may not check a reservation number if you say you are eating there. Pretty sure “getting dropped off to walk to Magic Kingdom” is not a highly regarded answer - and if enough people are found to be doing it, I suspect they WILL check for a reservation number when cars pull in (even Lyfts or Ubers) and claim a dining reservation.