Parking recommendation for my last day?

My last day is going to be a long one full of bouncing around and could use some thoughts or suggestions on what to do with my car.

  1. I’m staying at Pop Century and have an 8:15 ADR at the Wave for breakfast
  2. I’m going swimming with the fishes at Epcot from 12:30- approx 3:00
  3. I’ve got a 5:20 fast pass for FOP, just in case I don’t make it early enough for rope drop on my AK day.
  4. Second show for Spirit of Aloha at 8:15.

I’m staying at an off site hotel that night basically just to fall asleep for a few hours before I leave to go back home in the morning.
My current thought is to park at the Contemporary, take the monorail to Epcot vis TTC, bus it to AK and Polynesian, then bus to my car via Disney Springs. Any liners have improvement suggestions?

I’m not sure that you can leave your car at the Contemporary all day. Maybe if you valet it. You might consider parking at TTC. Then you can monorail to the Contemporary, monorail to Epcot, bus to AK, bus to Poly, monorail to TTC.


I would leave my vehicle at the TTC. I was told that you cannot leave your vehicle at a resort all day. Are people getting away with this?! It certainly would have simplified my plans during my trip in May.

I agree on TTC especially because you are ending the day at the Poly. You can walk from the Poly after Spirit of Aloha to the TTC and either walk to your car if it is close enough or take the tram.

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Thanks everyone. Looks like it will be to the TTC I will go :slight_smile:
Not sure that I’m excited about leaving, but it will be a last day to remember.

You can valet park at the Poly all day - $33.

Your car will be brought to you.

You may be told you can’t go on to a resort that you have no reservation for. This is in direct contradiction to published Disney policy. On their website.

And per a phone call. CM thought it was not allowed - as, guards will tell you. CM’s supervisor said yes, anybody can visit any resort even without a reservation. Supervisor confirmed valet parking all day is ok.

Maybe all supervisors don’t have correct info.

But you have a reservation at the Poly.