Parking question on HS/Epcot day

We are thinking of spending an entire day in the parks! Something we rarely do (think twice ever…once for 4 park challenge and once when we were given surprise Epcot Dream fastPasses).

So, if we spend day in HS and walk/boat to Epcot for the night where do we park? What is the best way to get back to our car? We are staying offsite. We will probably be exhausted after our long day!!

As long as HS stays open to around the same time as Epcot, you should be fine parking at HS, then at the end of the night in Epcot you can take the boat back to HS to get your car.

I’m not sure how late after park close the boats run, but I think HS and Epcot are usually close to the same hours unless there is evening EMH at one. Even, then, I can’t imagine the boats run from one park to the hotels and don’t make the full circuit to the other park. Someone who has more experience than me may have that answer.

Worst case, you’ll be able to walk back along the path if the boats aren’t running, but I doubt there is much chance they won’t be running unless you hang out for a long time at Boardwalk after park close.

Thank you! That makes the most sense…I am actually excited about entering Epcot via the WS entrance! Something new!

I struggled with this last month. In the end we decided to drive from one park then the other. I don’t know if it saved us any time but we were happy we did. We considered parking at our second park. We would have parked at HS, walked/boat to EP, return to HS, leave after our time.

Even at RD the international gateway entrance to epcot is quick and easy to get in through.

Budget 30 minutes to get from hs to epcot whether walking or riding boat. If the weather is nice i walk if i don’t see a boat right away. Unless I’m really tired.