Parking/never done it before

Okay, we’ve only ever used buses before. In the age of Corona, we’ll have a car this time. (Staying at the new Swan Reserve.) If we drive to Animal Kingdom and HS, what’s the cost of parking? If we leave for a bit in the middle of the day and return, do you pay twice? How hard is parking in general?

I believe that Swan Reserve receive the on-site benefit. There is no charge for parking at a park with an on-site stay.

Oh, that’s awesome! Thanks. Will check on that. :slight_smile:

Even if you had to pay you just show your receipt at I think any of the parks (I’m pretty sure I read that in the book UG). I’m reading it right now. I couldn’t finish it before my Jan trip but I’m going again next Dec so I’m finishing it now. :wink:

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Yes that’s right, you only pay once a day as long as you can show your receipt.


They also give you a dated placard to hang in your car to show that you have paid for parking… if you pay for preferred anyways (which I have been doing b/c they trams are only at MK parking lots right now I think). But yes, keep your parking receipt if you plan on park hopping b/c the CM will scan it at the next park(s).

I thought parking was a benefit for Swan/Dolphin? Was that changed?

I can’t find anything in writing on their web page that they get free parking as WDW resort guests only complimentary Disney transportation. If they get free parking at parks, like other resorts, then they would use their MB w/ the parking CM.

oh boy that took a lot of searching and clicking seesh…

Complimentary Parking At Disney Theme Parks

Guests who choose to drive their own car to the Walt Disney World Theme Parks will receive free parking just by showing your Disney resort hotel room key! For information on parking at our resorts, click below. Special Disney Benefits - Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin (

I thought it was free to go to the parks! Thanks for confirming.

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Honestly, you all are the best! My husband asked me this like an hour ago and it’s amazing to get an answer so quickly.


More parking particulars: If you want to park in the preferred parking sections at the theme parks, you only pay the difference between the costs of standard and preferred. In other words, $20-$25 depending on date, not the $45-$50.

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Absolutely, I’ll confirm that b/c that’s what I have to pay each time. My AP gets free general parking and I pay the difference to upgrade to preferred each time b/c no trams and bad knee. Parking M-Tr is $20 and F-Su $25… Disney magic :wink:


I did get an email from the Swan before my October stay that I needed to add my hotel reservation to MDE to be eligible for free parking. They didn’t check anything at the parking booth though.

Can’t you walk to DHS from Swan Reserve?

Yes, you can.

Yup, I was thinking wrong. We are here. :slight_smile: