Parking lot opening times

Would current visitors who arrived early for rope drop please post the actual opening times for the parking lots this week?

We want to be there right when they open, but we have been told that if you arrive early, you are turned away. Thanks!

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This liner sheet has been tracking that info:


Wonderful! Thank you!

That is beautiful :heart_eyes:

I cannot edit the file, but I can say the MK parking was open before 7 (3 lanes) on July 16 and before 7:15 today. Both days we had breakfast at ‘Ohana and saw the booths as we drove in. Unless they were only letting some people in.

@zientm - let @popupcamper know over on Lines chat.

Thanks, I’ve added those times. I’m going to put a caveat on it though because usually the MK lot doesn’t open until an hour ish before which would be around 8. So I wonder if you were seeing people being let in for some other reason.

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Thanks for the tag @MeetMeAtThePoly

This is so helpful! We will be there on Sunday 8/1 and are trying to figure out what time to get to each park. We are staying at the campsites but drive to all the parks except MK. We always rope drop but with so much different info out there on when they are letting people into the park and parking lots it is quite difficult to plan when to arrive/leave campsite. When we were there in December we had to wait at the parking lot gates a few times. Thanks again for creating this! I hope others continue to contribute!

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Welcome to the forum!

Thank you so much for mentioning this resource. I haven’t been on here at all in the last year but we are planning a very last minute trip arriving at WDW Aug 13!

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Thanks, everyone, for the helpful info!

Thanks everyone! I want to be sure I am understanding things correctly :slight_smile: We have not been to Disney during Covid and are just doing one day at MK on 8/8. We are staying off property. Current hours listed are 9 am to 10 pm. So should we plan to arrive at the parking lot at 8:00? That seems late compared to prior trips (by the time you ride the boat/monorail over, etc.) but obviously protocols have changed!

We just returned from our Disney Vacation. We stayed on property for part of the trip, but we stayed off site for a few days too. We drove to AK on 7-24 and MK on 7-25. Both parks started letting cars through one hour before park opening; however, if you arrive at the MK lots at 8:00, you will probably be about 20 or more cars back. People start lining up quite a bit before the lots open.

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@PrincipalTinker Thank you - this is so incredibly helpful!

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