Parking Logistics

Ok, on our November trip, our final day is a full one - very early breakfast at Chef Mickey’s, morning and early afternoon at Magic Kingdom, and then over to Epcot for late afternoon, dinner, Illuminations, and likely part of evening EMH.

We’ll have a car (we drive down), and my plan is to drive to the TTC in the morning, use the monorail to get to Epcot, and hopefully back from Epcot to the TTC parking lot at the end of the day (we’ll be parked close to the front, at least). Does this make sense and will it work? Or are we better off driving over to Epcot when we park hop?

Makes perfect sense. Only caveat is to check how late the EP mono runs. If I remember correctly (it’s been several years), I don’t think the mono runs all the way to the end of EMH; make sure you check the schedule and plan accordingly.

I’d be tempted to park at the Contemporary and drive to Epcot. I always hear about limits for parking at resorts, but I have yet to hear about anyone getting a ticket, towed, or otherwise negatively impacted.

We are doing something similar in December. Our plan is to drive over to the BC parking lot in the afternoon, go have some ice cream- then take the International Gateway into Epcot. We rarely use the main entrance when renting a car- especially if you are staying for Illuminations. You say [quote=“Kevin_Krom, post:1, topic:16405”]
likely part of evening EMH
[/quote] but if you aren’t 100% sure you will stay for EMH I would definitely lean towards the BC option to avoid the hoards heading out the main entrance. Keep in mind this is your last day with a very early start- and you are going to need a lot of energy reserves to pull off what you want to do.

I’d park at the Contemporary for breakfast, then walk or take the monorail to Magic Kingdom for the morning and afternoon, then return to the car and drive to Epcot for the rest of the day. You’ll save a lot of time in the morning not having to get from your car at the TTC to the Contemporary and it won’t take all that much longer to walk or take a monorail back to the Contemporary to retrieve your car than it would to take the 2 monorails you’d need to get to Epcot and then you’ll have your car with you at the end of the day.

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After looking everything over, and scoring FP+ for Anna & Elsa for 4:10 (keep looking, people, you never know what will turn up!), I think we’ve decided to park valet at the Contemporary - don’t want to push it with any parking restrictions, plus we can call ahead and have our car waiting for us when we leave MK.

The use the valet receipt to get valet parking at Beach Club, rather than wind up in the back of the Epcot lot. Same deal, once we’re ready to go, just call ahead and have the car waiting for us.

It’s a little extra cost ($25 valet fee plus tips), but it saves a lot of time and hassle, I think. Including in the morning, so we’re not as rushed getting to Chef Mickey’s on time.

If you have an AP and get the Tables in Wonderland card- valet is free I believe, plus you get 20% off meals and drinks (including alcohol) at most WDW restaurants. Just another thought.

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