Parking for Trattoria Breakfast

We are staying offsite in a VRBO due to group size and am trying to figure out logistics of getting to 7:35am breakfast in the morning at Trattoria. Where do I park? I’d like to avoid moving my vehicle, but not sure how to get to Boardwalk before park opening. Thanks

You can park at either Boardwalk, HS, or Epcot (don’t park at Epcot). If you park at Boardwalk, you can walk to HS or to IG at Epcot after your meal. If you park at HS, you can just walk over to BW to eat at TaF.

Mind you, I do not know how long you can park at BW. It may be that they don’t care. If you pay for valet parking, they may not care.

The paths to walk between the parks are open before park time? That’s my main concern. I read somewhere that boardwalk parking limit is 3 hours.

The pathway is always open.


To park all day at the Boardwalk you should pay for valet parking.

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I would pay for valet at Boardwalk and then you can easily with no stress leave your vehicle there all day. It’s nice at the end of the park day to have someone else go find your vehicle.

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Definitely valet at BW. We did this in February - valeted, 7:40 breakfast at Trattoria, walked to Epcot and spent the day, came back for our car around 8 pm. Super easy, $33.