Parking - Do They Look at Your APR?

For my two days at Epcot/HS, I have APRs at Epcot. What I’d like to do is park at HS and walk/ECV to Epcot, then hop to HS after 2, and leave from HS at the end of the night. Is that doable, or do they not let you park if you don’t have an APR there?

I think it’s doable. I don’t think they check your APR until you get to the tapstiles with your admission. They may ask if you have one to avoid you wasting your time, but you could just say yes.

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I think I’ve seen someone report that they were asked by the parking lot CM if they have an APR for HS (they did not, they were just parking there) but it was done as more of a “You do know that you need an APR to enter HS this morning?” So, not done as a way to prevent entry, but more of a way to make sure the guest was fully informed.


We have done this. Not an issue at all, if they do say something just tell them your plan.


They don’t check. I parked at DHS back in February, just to take Skyliner over to Epcot resort area to go to Boardwalk Bakery for lunch.

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They have signs up to tell ppl they need a park res but you can park at any park you want. I often park at HS just to use the SL.