Parking Cost at RPH

We’re doing a trip where we’ll be at Disney for most of the trip (although our first night is at the Swan, so no DME), then coming over to Universal and staying there 3 nights. Trying to figure out if we want to rent a car, or if we should just take a cab. We don’t really want to have a car, so it will be a simple question of which option is cheaper all things considered.

With that in mind, how much is it to park at the Universal Hotels? For what it’s worth, I picked up an annual pass, not sure if that makes a difference or not.


We paid a little over $20;a day for the premium parking. I think it’s $17 a day for basic parking.

If staying onsite the parking cost is per night not per day. Its $20 per night in June and added to your hotel bill. ( might have increase to $22 recently but can’t confirm) Don’t think there is an AP discount @Skubersky will know

I thuink we paid $32 to park as a day guest in that lot once. Never again, to quote my husband. The Ap will get you a discount on Valet parking at Universal, which was $15 with AP the last time I did it. That’s where I always park. If you aren’t going to use the car at all while you are at Universal then take a cab. Why pay for parking? But if you need to get back to the airport from Universal you might as well rent a car for the whole time you are here because it should be cheaper in the long run than multiple cab rides.

Seems like it could be cheaper for you to rent a car for your arrival night than taking a cab.

Here are UOR’s hotel parking rates:

Self parking for hotel guests is $20/night ($10 at Cabana Bay), no discounts apply.

The cheapest way from WDW to UPR if you don’t have a car is Uber!