Parking at UOR

I recall a past tip about where to park in UOR’s massive garage in order to minimize the walk to the park entrances, but I can’t find it in my notes. I even remember doing it on my last trip. Does anyone here know the best locations?

I cant answer as I haven’t driven in many years but the post looked so lonely. :wink:

We just got back. Jurrassic Park and Spiderman are the closest ramps. Floor 3 is the level to get to the attractions.

Prime parking lets you select your own parking spot, otherwise you park where they tell you.

We got there for early admission and were always in Spiderman floor 4.

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Thanks for the info; when we went at the end of January I opted for the normal parking. I was aiming for an 8:30 arrival at the IOA gates for the 9:00 regular park opening (which we hit almost spot on), and at our parking arrival time they directed us to Spiderman Level 4, same as you.

I’d had the impression (wrong) that Prime Parking was a different parking ramp or level. Our first day we arrived early afternoon and DH dropped me off to get our Preferred Passes. I paid attention to where some good empty spots were, and was disappointed when we had no choice on where to park.

Most days after that we were one of the first few cars in the parking, and we joked with the parking guy about him saving ‘our’ parking spot.