Parking at universal hotel


We’re planning on staying 1 night at hard rock hotel and using the free express pass on both check in and check out days. When parking at the hotel do we need to pay for 2 full days and overnight? Thanks


I think that they charge ‘per night’.


And am I right in saying we definitely get express pass no matter who we book the hotel with, and we can check in early at 8am to get the passes?


Yes at the HRH you will get EPs no matter who you book through. I found that booking the hotel directly was the cheapest for my stay but look around. I have picked up my EPs at 6/6.30 am before now, so at 8am you will be fine. Have fun.


Have you found the UOR chat on the TP lines app? There are people on there with lots of knowledge and a really useful ‘tips’ thread is always running.


Brilliant. Thanks for your help :blush:


I thought we paid parking per day but it’s been a while and I could be remembering wrong.


I am 99% sure that it is per night if you are staying at the resort and that you can go in and out as many times as you need to. Otherwise, with an AP you could move to the parks parking garage every day to avoid the charge :slight_smile:.


Do APs park free?

Anyway I just googled and you are quite right.


At the parks. You trust google more than me?:joy:


If you hadn’t said you thought it was per night, I would have trusted you! But I did think we paid for 2 days.


Free self-parking is only for Preferred and Premier APs though, right? Also, can you actually park over night at the parks? I got a Seasonal AP for the hotel discount so will be paying the hotel parking fee at RPR but I’m curious about parking loopholes.


Yes, free self parking is only for preferred and premier APs. Premier APs also get free valet parking. I don’t believe you can park overnight. At least for valet parking you are charged an overnight parking fee if you don’t pick up your car that night. I would assume that the same would apply to self parking as well.