Parking at the parks

We are staying at a Disney resort but prefer to drive ourselves to the parks. Is parking still free? Do I need to get some type of pass proving we our staying at a resort? This is our first time staying on the property, and I’m trying to figure it out :smile:

Parking for resort guests is free. Not sure about the pass. It may be linked to your MB now.

There was a paper pass we put in the window, but we also usually just got waved thru when they saw our bands. My husband said someone scanned his band once.

Sounds easy enough! Thanks!

Was on site last week ,paper pass is all you will get it when you check in. Don’t forget to look up Mr.itty’s secret bag check entries for h/s&epcot.time savers .you can find them here on tp.keep 'em on the lowdown!

Thanks for that super secret tip!!! We’re not going to Epcot, but we are trying our HS for the first time!