Parking at Olivia's

This morning I was able to get our ADR for Olivia’s on our preferred day (Thursday May 20).

But I have a question…has anyone driven there? The lot looks somewhat small, and hoping that won’t be a problem. When we were there in December, we took the bus, so it didn’t matter.

I’ve been wanting to go there myself but I was wondering if you can tell me if they have outdoor seating at Olivia’s? TIA

If I had gone I’d have parking intel but I can speculate that since it’s the first DVC I’m sure they have decent parking at check-in areas.

They do have an outdoor seating area, yes.

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Sweet, thank you! I wish I had asked sooner :pensive:

You know what they say…the only stupid question is the one left unasked!

(Not entirely sure I agree…whoever originally said that quote didn’t hang around middle schoolers!)

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:laughing: oh yeah, middle schoolers can throw some shade :laughing:

Yes, we drove there back in the summer. The lot was plenty big, I don’t think you will have any trouble.


Okay. Looking at the satellite view, the lot was smaller than other resorts, and just wasn’t sure if people would drive and park there for the pool and such. Glad to know it should be fine. Thanks.