Parking at Boardwalk/Beach Club

I will be staying at Bonnet Creek in September and was wondering if it is possible to park at Boardwalk or Beach Club and avoid paying the $17 per day parking fee and then walk in via the International Gate at Epcot? Bonnet Creek has a shuttle, but I’ve heard it is not the most convenient and it is actually more expensive than a day’s parking pass.

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Likely you will be turned away unless you have a dining reservation, particularly if it’s during Food and Wine.

I was hoping to explore the boardwalk during our visit in Sept, will we not be able to? Should we plan on walking over from Epcot?

That would be your best bet. Unless you make an ADR, you’ll probably get turned away at the parking lots since they really try to keep them for guests.

You’ll be able to leave EPCOT, explore the boardwalk and come back via the IG with no issues.

Darth, if we stay at Kidani on points will GF let us park to explore resort. We have dinner reservations but want to go over late morning. It’ll be sept 11.

The standard “rule” is 3-hour parking because many people try to park at the resorts and spend the day at the parks and avoid the parking fee. It would be at the discretion of the parking attendant.

As an onsite guest at Kidani, you’ll have free parking at all of the parks anyway. So you can park at the TTC and just monorail over to GF. (and then MK).

Thanks Darth. What if we valet park? We are going to be leaving wdw after our dinner at GFC and I like the idea of avoiding the ttc.

Yes. you could valet and be just fine.

for what ever its worth, last year we stayed at the boardwalk during food and wine. Had friends staying at another resort (on site), who drove over, parked at BW, walked in and spent the day there while leaving the car. I can’t remember if they valeted, but I believe they did. They were able to have the car there all day without an ADR.

yes. Valet will let you park all day without an ADR