Parking at a resort for RD

If I have a lunch reservation at WCC, can I park at the hotel in the morning and use the monorail to go to MK?

We plan to go back to our resort after lunch. I just thought it would be easier than taking the bus to MK, then monorail to WL, then back to MK to catch the bus back to our resort. Even though we have a car, we don’t ever drive to MK, we find the bus is much faster. Thank you for your help.

You will have to take the boat but it should be fine. The boat is quick and convenient. The monorail does not go to WL although it is a MK area resort.

Thank you!! I didn’t realize the monorail doesn’t go to WL, that’s what I get for assuming.
I’m glad to hear they’ll let me park there. The ferry sounds like a nice way to start the day.

The only way that you can park at WL and then go to the MK is if you pay to park valet - $25 (plus tip), I think, if it hasn’t gone up again… If it were me, I’d take the bus to MK and then use the boat to go back and forth to WL; that’s what I did on my last trip and it was very pleasant - especially if the afternoon is just going to be a relaxing resort afternoon and not a time-sensitive TP.

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That makes sense,thanks for the suggestion!!