Parkhopping (Epcot and HS) help needed

I’m looking for help for a last minute trip. We are planning to parkhop between Epcot and HS with teenagers. HS studies opens earlier. We are staying on site, so we have 30 minutes extra hours in the morning. We would like to ride both ROTR and Guardians. Which park do we start at? Do we try to Lightning Lane both ROTR and Guardians? Is that possible? Not being able to park hop till 2 p.m. complicates the decision. What do you guys think? Any help would be appreciated. I wish there was a Touring Plan for Park hopping.

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Just me, I would definitely LL both.

I think people have had success doing ROTR right at close, although there’s always the possibility it will go down. HS is also nice early in the morning.

If you go to Epcot first, you could also VQ Guardians and ride it twice. You might be able to do this at 2, assuming the 1 o’clock VQ lasts that long.

World Showcase shops, etc.–lots don’t open until the evening, assuming those are of interest.

Lots of decisions to make! I’ll be interested in hearing what others say. Me, I would start with HS, buy both LLs, and end at Epcot. You could also hop BACK to HS if you wanted to…just to complicate things a little more :rofl:

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ROTR is so unreliable in the morning I’d hate to waste time trying to rope drop and have it be down. Your best bet is to buy an ILL for ROTR.

Guardians is so awesome you’ll want to ride it twice! The 1:00 VQ often stays open past 1:00 but that’s a risk. Remy, TT as a single rider, FEA, Soarin, and Spaceship Earth can be done by 1:00 without LLs, if you are can enter via International Gateway and are willing to be in line at the IG 45 minutes before the park opens. If you get an early boarding group for Guardians, that too can be done by 1:00 and you could then hop to DHS for ROTR with a later ILL. I’ve used BG1 to actually get Boarding Group 1 for Guardians. Read up about it in LaCava.

I think your best bet is to start at Epcot then hop to DHS with an ILL for ROTR and your LLs stacked for DHS.

Do you have to park hop between those two parks? I like having full days at both of them.


Which ride is the priority? If you start at Epcot you can get BG1 and $LL, at HS you can get $LL and do standby. There’s plenty to suggest not doing a rope drop of ROTR due to it going down a lot.

I’d rope drop Remy, try for BG1 and stack LLs for HS. Pay for the $LL as well. But that’s me and as a big Star Wars fan, I think GotG is more fun!

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I think as of now it no longer works, sadly.

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I think Sam’s idea here is my choice, but I’m open to being talked out of it. We love ROTR, but we haven’t ridden GOTG. I think we start at Epcot and rope drop Remi, try to get a BG and also try to get an ILL for GOTG and ROTR. Is it best to have one member of group trying to get each ILL? How do I do that and try to get BG? Do we have to have each person trying to get a different thing at exactly 7 am.? That’s crazy

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Getting the VQ is top priority as it’s usually gone instantly. After that you can book the $LL, or have another member of the group booking one while you do VQ. My experience last week was plenty of availability a few minutes after 7 for both rides.

The BG1 app still works for VQ, but not lightening lanes.

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Ok…What is BG1 app?

It still works for the virtual queue, just not for booking LLs.

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I have no idea what BG1 app is…Sorry! Can you give me some direction?

Apologies if my search didn’t catch it, but does BG1 still work for VQ?


Go to the La Cava section of this forum and read the BG1 entry. It will give you all the info.

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