Park to Park Upgrade

Hi folks.
Headed to Universal second week of June (just after a week at Disney). We have 5 nights (RPR) and 4 days at the parks. It was part of a package deal… 3 park 4 day base tickets.

I’m realizing now (too late, obvi) that we need park-to-park for HE. Do you know if it’s possible to upgrade just one day of a ticket to be park to park? For Disney, you have to upgrade all of your purchased tickets to park hoppers, and you don’t have the option of doing just one day.

Also: if upgrading just one day is possible, cost?


Nope it is the same. You’d need the park-to-park tickets.
And if you thinking of using a day of the ticket to do to the second park, nope that doesn’t work either. But, they will gladly take your money to upgrade.

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Thanks! And DANG. I was hoping that I could just upgrade one day :frowning:

I need to work some magic then… I need park to park, all 3 parks, 4 days. Their customer service couldn’t exactly answer my park to park question, but they suggested converting my 3 park tickets to 2 park, park-to-park. But… then I lose VB, and my teens have indicated that that’s a hard no.


The only thing I can think of right now is a convoluted mess of an annual pass and changing hotels several times to take advantage of cheaper rates. Would really only work if you are willing to resort hop at least once during your stay.
And needing a sense of the budget. And make sure you aren’t paying a cancellation fee.

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I think you should just upgrade all tickets to park to park. It should only cost you the incremental difference between the value of 4-day one park per day vs. 4-day 3-park park-to-park tickets. Which isn’t going to be cheap but also shouldn’t be too much more considering all you are paying for the vacation.


If you are doing Volcano Bay, it might be worthwhile to do a split stay with Cabana Bay. The Express Passes you get at a premier hotel don’t work at VB. So, that is a waste. Cabana Bay, has its own entrance and a short walk to VB. If I were you, I’d do the first three nights at Cabana Bay (Assuming your arrival day you won’t have time to do much)
Arrival day, check into Cabana Bay and enjoy the lazy river and slide if it is open then. It also has a bowling alley and maybe an arcade.
First park day, go to Volcano Bay.
Second park day, go to the other parks and wander around mouth agape, and do the things that don’t take Express Passes (e.g. Hagrid’s and Bourne)
Third park day, pack up and move to RPR in time for early entry and enjoy the express passes.
Fourth park day, enjoy the express passes.

The hotel savings should more than pay for the park-to-park upgrade. If you don’t want to be without express passes in the parks, you could lower the CB part to two nights.

Another thought, I haven’t paid attention since June is after my next trip. But, I think AP room rates are out for June. Maybe see if any are available. Your ticket price probably isn’t that far off from a annual pass.